Privacy Policy


We are serious about the privacy of our customers, and we are committed to safeguarding your confidentiality while offering you customized and unique services.

The privacy policy is designed to inform you about the collection and usage of your information. If you ever feel like your privacy is breached, contact us directly on the email [add email].

Personal Information that We Gather

We gather personal information from you that includes your name, your email address, your contact information, and your payment information. We also gather other information such as your browser type, the device you are using to visit our website, the location, and the IP address of your device.

How do we Use Personal Information?

We use the information gathered from our customers for business purposes only. We assure you that your information is never sold to any third parties without your permission. We use your personal information to

  1. - Provide help regarding the use of our services
  2. - Deliver information to you that might be of your interest
  3. - Communicate marketing data to you
  4. - Reply to any query asked by you
  5. - Analyze your visits and form a database to enhance your experience.

Sharing Your Personal Information

We may share your information with companies or service providers that are trustworthy to offer you

  1. - Improved services
  2. - Carry our statistical analysis
  3. - Offer marketing help

We do not allow these parties to misuse or share your information except for the reasons mentioned above.

Cookies Policy and Usage

Cookies are small files that are transferred to a user’s computer to gather information for several reasons.

We use cookies to improve your overall experience on our website. You are allowed to reject cookies if you want. It is highly preferred to accept all the cookies; otherwise, using some of the most important features on our website will not be possible.